The Next Step in Sustainable Fashion

Founded in 2015, Flamingo’s Life is a company based in Elche, Spain that checks all of the boxes of sustainability. They are an animal-free corporation in the business to save the planet. Flamingo’s Life has 6 major projects involving these topics: craftsmanship, materials, transparency, water, reforestation, and oceans. You can learn in-depth about each of these projects on their website,
Each collection is associated with one of these projects, which balances their impact and improves the lives of vulnerable beings. A purchase of a pair of Classic 70’s plants five trees in deforested areas in collaboration with the NGO “Eden Reforestation Projects.”

Sailing Seas of Plastic by dumpark

This week’s featured project allows us to see where our trash actually goes. And it’s kinda scary… Sailing seas of plastic is an interactive data viz tool created by dumpark. It uses date from 24 recent sailing expeditions to estimate a total mass of floating debris in our oceans. It might make you think twice about the waste your household produces and, dare we say, convince you to do something about it!